Nigella Lawson faced MI5 ambush over horror cooking error with Salman Rushdie 'It blew up'

The TV chef also admitted she struggles to understand what “balance” is, as she often films her programme all day for seven weeks, leaving little time for anything else.

She divulged that the process of creating her much-loved cookery programmes is “very draining”, as she is often on her feet all day.

Nigella explained: “I don’t know what this famed balance is! I love what I do, but everything [i.e. filming/ work] is interspersed with bits of solitude, so maybe that is my balance. 

“The harder part is the filming. It’s physically very draining standing up all day for seven weeks or so, and there isn’t really room for anything else during that time.

“It’s a bit frightening and I always think, ‘I don’t know if I can do this again’, but then I start and I get excited again,” she added to Good Housekeeping.

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