Nightclub owner recounts men being injected spiked in the noughties 'abhorrent!'

Nightclub owner Martin has condemned the men who spike people by needles in nightclubs, calling them “abhorrent and cowardly”. It came as incidents where people are being spiked physically have been rising in nightclubs around the country.

Martin said: “In Cannock Staffordshire called Silks nightclub.”

The host said: “Okay, I don’t know it but I’m sure it’s good fun.”

The caller continued: “But throughout the decades we’ve always seen. Well, not always but in spurts, we’ve seen people being spiked in the 80s.”

The host chipped in: “But this isn’t drinks. Martin.”

The caller said: “I know it’s not. In the noughties, we had the issue with the needles in the early noughties.

“But then, as I remember it was primarily men that were being jabbed as well.

“And it was down to security that eventually that stopped it.”

The host said: “Why would a man jab another man?”

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The caller said: “There is no logic to why some people do these things.

“I mean they are the most abhorrent, cowardly people is the only way I can describe them.”

Mr Ferrari asked: “Did you get any of them?”

The caller replied: “We got loads of people carrying elicit material, shall we say, in multiple ways.

“But we did a lot of searches, even from the mid 90s, we’ve searched pockets, cigarette packets, etc.”

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