Nintendo Switch price will drop below £220 for four hours ONLY, here's how YOU can get one

The model included in this deal is the refreshed Nintendo Switch, which launched in the UK back in September 2019. From the outside, this model is identical to the original Switch launched back in March 2017, except it includes the upgraded Tegra X1+ system-on-a-chip, which is slightly more efficient than its predecessor. As such, this Nintendo Switch has slightly better battery life when playing in handheld mode – around 4.5 to 9 hours, depending on the demands of the game.

ShopTo is selling a brand-new and boxed version of the Nintendo Switch. The company, and a number of other online retailers, uses eBay to sell some of its stock. Despite its reputation as an auction site for second-hand goods, there are a number of online stores on the website. You’ll get free delivery and a 30-day return window, exactly as if you’d bought from ShopTo’s popular shopping website …except you’ll be getting your Switch for much, much cheaper thanks to eBay’s discount.

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