‘Not attending!’ Harry and Meghan will miss event celebrating donors of Diana's statue

A royal commentator has claimed Prince Harry will reach out personally to the sponsors involved with the Diana statue instead of attending the UK celebration. The statue of Princess Diana was unveiled in July on what would have been her 60th birthday.

Prince Harry and Prince William were reunited for the unveiling of the statue which shows the Princess of Wales alongside three children.

Experts had previously speculated Prince Harry and Meghan may have returned to the UK for the event, however a spokesperson for the couple has confirmed they will not be attending.

Speaking on the Royally Us podcast, royal commentator Christina Garibaldi said: “A source did confirm to us that they are not attending, but Harry is going to be reaching out to the donors specifically.”

“I understand maybe why Meghan doesn’t want to go because she still is in that new-born haze.

“The baby is only four months old, so maybe she doesn’t want to travel.

“But I can’t really understand why Harry wouldn’t jump on a plane and go over there.”

She continued: “Elton John is going to be there, so there’s going to be some star power in attendance.

“I can’t figure this one out, because it seems like every time there is a big event to honour his mother, he is always there.

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Co-host Molly Mulshine on the podcast, suggested the couple may find an alternative way to mark the occasion, she said: “If I was going to make a little bit of a conspiracy theory prediction I would say that there might be something that goes on their side of the Atlantic around the same time alluding to Diana also.

“Because they’re going to want to show their appreciation in a public way, not just in a private way so I think maybe we can at least expect them to give the donors a shout out in some other way.”

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