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'Not properly vetted!' Anna Soubry slams 2019 Brexiteer MPs intake for Commons chaos

News'Not properly vetted!' Anna Soubry slams 2019 Brexiteer MPs intake for Commons chaos

Anna Soubry, who was formerly a member of Parliament for Broxtowe, said that after Brexit the Tory party became “more like UKIP”. She alleged that “things have got worse” since she left her role in 2019 and that Parliament is in need of “urgent, root and branch action” to correct the fallout. 

She told Sky News: “Look, there was clearly a problem but now I think that since the 2019 election, and the specifics of the intake of 2019 – and I’m certainly not putting the blame on them and Neil Parish was actually elected in 2010 – things have got worse. 

“I base that not just on the stories in the papers but also what former colleagues of mine tell me. 

“This is a very very serious problem. It’s not just the reputation of individuals and parties that are bad, but also politics and our Parliament. 

“Parliament is now seriously at risk and so this needs urgent, root and branch action in many different aspects.” 

“I’ve been told that there is a problem with drink, which there wasn’t when I was in Parliament. 

“The reason I mention the 2019 intake is because there are a lot of Conservative MPs who are young, inexperienced, and in my view were not properly vetted. 

“And some won seats where the party never expected them to win seats. Some of them were selected late on. 

“Before then, there were people coming into the party post-Brexit and it became more like the Brexit party, more like UKIP.”

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Yesterday, Chris Bryant MP, chair of the parliamentary standards committee, said that there was a “system of impunity” in Parliament. 

He said: “Parliament should have better standards. If you look at this past year, it must be the worst year on record. 

“I think the biggest thing here is you cannot have a system of impunity. If MPs think they will get away with these things, then of course it will continue. 

“I will fight to the death to make sure the reputation of Parliament is enhanced for every generation of MPs.”

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