Now Black Friday is racist! Calls for name to be scrapped as it ‘sounds offensive’

Students at the University of Florida supported changing the name Black Friday because of possible racial connotations. Students at the Gainesville campus were asked by a student reporter with ‘Campus Reform’ whether they supported renaming Black Friday.

The question read: “Black Friday should be renamed so it is not discriminating and profiling against black people.”

Responses from students were wide and diverse.

One said: “Black Friday should be called Holiday Buying Day, Spending Day, Charge Card Day, Green Backs or something other than black, which is discriminating and profiling against black people.”

Another student said: “Honestly, I’m down to rename that.”

They added: “I don’t like the name Black Friday. I never really have since I was small… Whenever I would go to stores, everything would be jammed packed and I would see workers, kind of, it sounds wrong, but they would lean more toward the lighter-skinned people.”

One student stated: “I kind of agree it should be changed just because Black Friday sounds offensive.”

The Campus Reform reporter then informed students that the name had nothing to do with race.

She said: “The term Black Friday has nothing to do with race…should we still change it?”

Responding to this, one student said: “If it’s not about skin colour then I don’t see that there’s a problem.”

Another student added: “If you want to just rename it to, like, spare the feelings, then that’s not helpful.”

Taking it wider, one added: “Everything will be found offensive at one point.”

Morrisons slashes prices on food, drink & household products 

In Ireland, a marketing pitch backfired when a shop owner created a video in ‘blackface’.

Dermot Kavanagh, the owner of Smyth’s Homevalue in Enniscorthy, appeared in the two-and-a-half-minute clip posted on Facebook with his face, neck and hands painted black.

Following the outcries, a statement from the shop read: “We would like to sincerely apologise to anyone upset or offended by our recent video post.”

The UK also saw a police investigation take place in 2020 when a racist remark was scrawled over a Black Friday deal sign.

Graffiti was scrawled on a sign advertising Black Friday in a North London Tesco staff area.

Workers at a store were horrified when the sign was defaced in an upstairs canteen.

The scribbled message, written in felt tip on a cardboard stand, read: “Slaves sold on a Friday.”

Shoppers in the UK are expected to spend almost £9.2bn on the weekend due to Black Friday deals.

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