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'Only England feels embarrassed to celebrate!' Historian defends St George's Day

News'Only England feels embarrassed to celebrate!' Historian defends St George's Day

A British historian has slammed the lack of celebrations on St George’s day in England compared to those for national saint’s days in other parts of the United Kingdom. David Oldroyd Bolt argued on GB News that only England “feels embarrassed to celebrate its national day.”

Mr Bolt told GB News: “Saint George’s Day was celebrated really on a par with Christmas at this period and right through pretty much until the Act of Union in 1707.

“I think one of the reasons it’s fallen off in practice over the past 300 years is because it was felt after the Act of Union that well, no, we’re all the United Kingdom now.

“There’s a Great Britain and to elevate England above Scotland would not be politically sensible.

“We’ve had now 25 years of devolution and encouraging Saint Andrew’s day of encouraging Saint Patrick’s Day, Saint David’s day.


“It seems a bit odd that one part of the constituency of the four constituents of the United Kingdom should feel some kind of embarrassment about celebrating its patron saint’s day, it’s national day.”

He added: “I think there is perhaps a rather residual idea that it’s somehow xenophobic or racist.

“Because of a few idiotic football fans in the 90s who used to go around and beat up for it foreign football fans while wrapped in the flag,

“But you don’t allow one deviation to ruin an entire symbol.”


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