Only Fools and Horses: Del Boy star David Jason admits he was behind THIS iconic gag

Only Fools and Horses writer John Sullivan weaved in numerous gags into the BBC series and many jokes went on to become iconic comedy phrases. One, in particular, that has become synonymous with the series was Trigger’s (played by Roger Lloyd-Pack) constant misnaming of Rodney Trotter (Nicholas Lyndhurst) as Dave. However, Del Boy star Sir David Jason has now revealed he was behind this infamous gag. 

In the comedy’s very first episode titled Big Brother, BBC viewers were introduced to the Trotter family’s favourite watering hole The Nag’s Head.

Del bumped into his school friend Trigger and introduced him to his brother. 

“You know my brother don’t you?” Del asked and Trigger replied: “Yeah course I do, how you going, Dave?”

Rodney looked baffled but chose not to correct his brother’s former classmate. 

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“And if it’s a boy, they’re going to name him Rodney. After Dave.”

At one point in the series, Rodney does ask Trigger why he calls him Dave.

In season three, episode one, Rodney asked: “Why do you call me Dave, Trig’. My name’s not Dave, it’s Rodney.”

“Are you sure?” A bemused Trigger asked and Rodney replied: “Yes, I’ve checked it on my birth certificate and everything, it’s definitely Rodney.”

“So what’s Dave, a nickname?” Trigger questioned.

“No,” Rodney hit back. “You’re the only person who calls me Dave, everybody else calls me Rodney and the reason they call me Rodney, is because Rodney is my name.”

“Well, I shall have to get used to calling Rodney from now on,” he replied.

However, in the next sentence Trigger mistakenly refers to Rodney as Dave.

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