'Only way we know' Karren Brady admits she's taken precautions to 'not get cancelled'

Baroness Karren Brady, 52, has revealed she is trying her best not to get cancelled this Christmas. The Apprentice star, who is currently the vice-chairman of West Ham United, made the admission when discussing her plans for the festive season.

Despite hoping she would be spending this Christmas abroad, Karren says she hasn’t made any plans due to uncertainty surrounding Covid restrictions.

She says this is the only way to make sure she doesn’t get cancelled.

Writing in her column for The Sun, she said: “Despite dreaming last year of just how fabulous this Christmas would be, ideally in some very far-flung and hot location.

“I have made no plans because I can’t be bothered to change them, which seems to be an inevitability.

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In 2009, Karren was announced as Lord Alan Sugar’s new aide for the show’s sixth series, replacing Margaret Mountford.

She has spoken out about her experiences making The Apprentice alongside Lord Sugar and Claude Littner.

Writing in her column, she said: “I can honestly say that my co-presenters have become a bit like family to me.

“We enjoy working with each other, enjoy each other’s company — and even go on holiday together.

“Given how much time you spend filming when you commit to a show, it is beyond me why anyone would agree to be part of one with someone they don’t like.

“Really, a TV show is no different from any office.

“We all work with people, some more annoying than others, and you have to be professional and unemotional and rise above those things that you might find annoying.

“Everyone needs to be seen and heard and everyone needs to be respected. There is no good throwing your weight around.”

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