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'Outgun and outnumber him' Wallace throws gauntlet down with dire warning to Putin

World'Outgun and outnumber him' Wallace throws gauntlet down with dire warning to Putin

Mr Wallace sat down with Radio host Nick Ferrari, to discuss Vladimir Putin’s recent threats. Putin has been threatening dramatic retaliation against any country that oversteps boundaries by supporting Ukraine. The Defence Secretary explained that he was not rattled by the threats made, praising Britain’s nuclear deterrents for continuing to keep Brits safe.

Mr Ferrari said: “He promised to use weapons in a lightning strike against anyone who interferes with his plans in Ukraine.

“Should my listeners be concerned? Do you feel rattled by Putin’s threats, secretary of state?”

Mr Wallace told LBC: “I don’t feel rattled by it because we have strong armed forces and nuclear deterrent.

“And we’re part of a nation of a NATO partnership of 30 nations, who outgun him, outnumber him.

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“And have potentially all the capabilities at our disposal, so I don’t fear him.

“I think we should be very grateful, in this country that we have a nuclear deterrent.

“I think that is a really important part of his calculations, there are many as you know who wanted to get rid of it over the years.

“I’m very grateful that somewhere under the sea some amazing men and women are deep underwater.

“Hiding, waiting in case Britain needs protecting, I think that’s important.”

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During a Russian state media television speech, Putin made threats against the UK.

 the Russian President said: “We have tools no one else can boast of. We don’t want to brag about them…we will use them.”

“If someone intends to interfere in what is going on from the outside they must know that constitutes an unacceptable strategic threat to Russia.

“They must know that our response to counterstrikes will be lightning fast. Fast.”


Mr Putin added: “We have all the weapons we need for this. No one else can brag about these weapons, and we won’t brag about them. But we will use them.”

Announcing a new military weapons system to the Russian people, Mr Putin added: “This is a big, significant event in the development of advanced weapons systems of the Russian army.

“The new complex has the highest performance characteristics and can break through all modern anti-missile defences.

“There is nothing like this in the world, and won’t be for a long while.

 “This truly unique weapon will be strengthening the combat potential of our armed forces.

“It will reliably secure Russia from external threats, and will force those trying to threaten our country in the heat of frenzied aggressive rhetoric.”

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