Outlander fans fear critical Brianna plot to be cut in season 6 after spotting stones clue

Much like the Reddit user said, this wasn’t the first time the on-screen series has been different to the novels.

Author Diana Gabaldon previously spoke to Town & Country magazine about the storyline shifts and said: “Given what they’re [the producers] dealing with in terms of constraints and space, I think it makes all kinds of sense because I have storylines that can stretch out for three or four books.”

She continued: “It’s a coherent storyline, so I don’t see any problem really in lifting pieces of the storyline from one book and condensing them with the earlier pieces from another book in order to make a contiguous line.”

Thankfully for viewers, filming for Outlander season six has wrapped and while a release date has yet to be released, fans will have to stay tuned to see if Brianna and her family will finally travel back to the future.

Outlander season six premieres early 2022 on Starz.

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