Outlander season 6 fans concerned major storyline could be cut

Starz’s historical drama series ended on a jaw-dropping note, which could see huge war in the upcoming season. However, as fans wait for Outlander’s sixth season, many have taken to reading the novels to gain an insight into what’s to come. This is where one reader was concerned after they spotted a major storyline had the possibility of being cut from the show.

Outlander is the onscreen adaptation of the best-selling novel series written by Diana Gabaldon, starting in 1991.

With the upcoming sixth season loosely based on A Breath of Snow and Ashes, one fan spotted something odd after reading.

They took to Reddit to expose their concern about Mr and Mrs Bug’s storyline potentially being cut from the storyline.

After starting the fifth season this fan questioned the existence of the Bug family and posted on Reddit: “They haven’t had many lines or action yet but they don’t seem to be a huge focus either.

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Asking other fans for their opinion, the Reddit user questioned: “Do you think they’ll just drop all the Bugs’ storylines from the books or will they recast them?

They continued: “Or do you think these actors will have more screen presence with bigger roles/more lines?

Another viewer agreed: ”I feel the show will simply drop the Bugs’ storyline. No great loss in my opinion. The twist in the books felt forced and awful anyway.

A second agreed with cutting the Bug family’s storyline: “They’re basically extras on the show at this point, I don’t think I could pick the actors out of a lineup.”

As the couple are elderly, Jamie hired them to protect his home while he is away with militia and Mrs Bug and Claire only had a few run-ins.

Fans will have to tune into the upcoming season six to see if the Bug family will feature on the series more or if their storyline will be cut.

Another Reddit user responded to the post and shared their hopes: “I will be re-watching the show again shortly but from what I recall of them in the show, being nothing.

“I am hoping that in season 6 the show actually gives them the justice they deserve,” they concluded.

Outlander followed the life of Claire Fraser as she discovered she was able to time-travel between the 18th and 20th centuries.

She eventually decided to stay in the past where she met Jamie, and use her skills as a nurse to help those in need.

Thankfully for fans, season six filming has wrapped up and, although a release date is yet to be announced, express.co.uk will be updated.

Outlander season six premieres on Starz and Starzplay in 2022.

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