Outlander’s Dougal MacKenzie star Graham McTavish looks unrecognisable in unseen snap

As fans eagerly await the highly-anticipated sixth season of Outlander one actor decided to share an unseen photo of himself online. Graham McTavish who played Dougal Mackenzie on Starz’s hit series looked completely different, which left fans stunned.

On Twitter, the actor retweeted a photo of himself from his younger days and which had fans questioning if it was truly him.

The post was originally published by a fan, GirlSour who captioned it: “Woah!! Took me a second,” and asked, “What year was this?”

Graham then retweeted the image and added: “This was taken the day before I met @SamHeughan, the years since have obviously taken their toll.”

The actor stunned other fans who took to the comments to also share their disbelief, as Boni_bon wrote: “At first glance, I thought it WAS Sam!”

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Other fans copied him and took a dig at Graham’s co-star Sam Heughan who played Jamie Fraser by responding with photos of him as a youngster.

Beachcrazy70 did so and commented: “Or perhaps you are wee Jamie’s brother from another mother, aye?”

While momrod_janet shared a photo of the second character he plays on Outlander, Buck MacKenzie and asked if it was the same hair.

Graham, who sports a completely bald look, had a full head of hair which appeared to also appear to be curled in the throwback photo.

Whereas Claire had accidentally time travelled and was of great suspicion as a woman with an English accent in Scotland, without a man.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Dougal overheard the pair planning to kill Bonny Prince Charlie (Andrew Gower).

As Claire was from the future she knew the devastation which was to come from the Battle of Culloden and wanted to put a stop to it.

Although it would put a stop to the disasters, it would also permanently change the course of history – something Dougal wasn’t keen on.

He burst into the room filled with rage and attacked both Jamie and Claire alongside the war chieftain.

This ended in tragedy, as Dougal was stabbed by Jamie and choked to death on his own blood.

Although Dougal had passed away, he made another appearance in season five as Buck MacKenzie, the illegitimate son of Dougal and Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek).

Fans will have to tune into season six to see if he will return on-screen.

Outlander season six is expected to return to Starz in early 2022.

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