Owain Wyn Evans opens up on wanting to be 'different' to other weather presenters

BBC weather presenter Owain Wyn Evans is loved for his quirky weather bulletins on BBC Breakfast and beyond. The star known for his three-piece suits and his drumming solos opened up to Express.co.uk about why they’re important to him recently.

Owain has been working at the BBC for many years as a broadcaster and meteorologist.

However, the star first came to many people’s attention when a video of him drumming BBC news theme tune went viral.

Since then, his career has gone from strength to strength, landing a role on North West Tonight as well as a cover presenter for BBC Breakfast.

Many viewers will also recognise him from The One Show and hosting BBC Radio Wales with his good pal Carol Vorderman.

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Owain has now opened up about his presenting style and how he wanted to stand out from other stars.

The broadcaster explained in a recent chat how this is part of the reason behind his unique style on screen.

Speaking about his tendency for wearing sharp suits, Owain admitted: “When I first started doing it, I remember thinking to myself, I’m going to own that.

“If I’m gonna do this, I want to do it differently.

“So I didn’t get my first suit until I was in my late 20s. I feel like this is a relatively recent thing that I embraced.

“But now I practically live in the suits and can’t bear the idea of wearing a plain, boxy, unfurnished suit.”

Owain also admitted part of the reasoning behind his drumming videos has been to make doing the weather a bit “different” and “unexpected”.

The presenter said: “I love making the unexpected videos of a weatherman in a suit, then smashing the drums.

“And putting these really often quite camp videos of me playing pop songs.

“So more of that to come, absolutely.

“And I suppose with the weather, you know, just trying to do more of the same and try and, and do things a bit differently.

“I feel very fortunate doing what I do, and I feel like I’ve got great colleagues around me,on North West Tonight, on BBC Breakfast and on The One Show.

“I just have the ability to be me I guess.”

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