Ozark season 4: Marty rocked by return of Rachel in series finale after huge clue?

Marty Byrde (played by Jason Bateman) and wife Wendy (Laura Linney) will return in Ozark season four for one final outing as their money-laundering and criminal stories come to a close on Netflix. The pair will undoubtedly face a number of enemies, with theories tipping everyone from Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) to Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner) to be the ones to take them down. However, with filming now wrapped and snaps from the set emerging, there’s a big clue to suggest Rachel (Jordana Spiro) could return in season four.

Rachel hasn’t been seen in Ozark since the end of season two after getting wrapped up in Agent Roy Petty (Jason Butler Harner) and Marty’s back and forth.

After Marty had infiltrated her beloved Blue Cat Lodge as a hub for his laundering, Petty blackmailed Rachel into trying to capture his man.

With a number of criminal charges held up against her, Petty promised her his help if she wore a wire and built the shady agent’s case against Marty. 

When she failed to deliver, Petty promised he’d send her to jail, only for Marty to blackmail him for all charges to be dropped by showing his nemesis a video of his drug addict mother being given heroin by cartel hitman Nelson (Nelson Bonilla).

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Torn between his mother’s safety and his job, Petty left Rachel alone and Marty soon offered her a way out of the chaos he’d dropped her in.

Marty offered to buy the Blue Cat off of Rachel as well as funding a plane ticket and rehab stint in Miami, Florida.

Rachel left and wasn’t the be seen again in the Ozarks throughout season three.

But what about season four? While there has been no confirmation of Spiro’s return, a clip of the finale’s slate has fueled the idea she could be back.

For the season four finale, the logo consists of two fish, a dotted triangle, a handgun and a falling man.

Inevitably, it hasn’t taken long for fans to speculate as to what these symbols could be foreshadowing. 

But why could it lead to Rachel’s return? Well, the fish included in the series finale logo look incredibly similar to those on the sign of the Blue Cat Lodge.

While she may not have worked there for some time, the Blue Cat and Rachel went hand in hand during her time on the show.

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