Ozark season 4 release: Jason Bateman 'confirms' when in 2022 series will be released

Anticipation for the fourth and final season of Ozark has been sky-high ever since season three drew to its explosive close back in March 2020. Fortunately for fans, Netflix has recently released the opening scene from the season four opener which shows Marty (played by Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) cleaning themselves up following the brutal execution of Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer) at the end of the third run. While Netflix confirmed 2022 would be the year season four arrives, Bateman provided an exact month during a recent episode of his podcast, Smartless.

Along with Arrested Development co-star Will Arnett and Will & Grace legend Sean Hayes, Smartless sees the comedic trio welcome a celebrity guest each week.

In Smartless’ most recent episode, Arnett, Hayes and Bateman welcomed iconic late-night talk show host Jon Stewart onto the show to discuss his life and career.

However, when the conversation turned towards Stewart’s television viewing habits, Bateman let slip a pretty big bit of news about the Ozark season four release date.

The moment came in the podcast after Bateman asked: “Hey, Jon, so your kid’s on the doorstep of going to college and you being an empty-nester.

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“Have you and the Mrs started the plans for empty-nesting, how you’re going to distract yourself from the sadness? Or is it going to be all euphoric?”

“Christ,” Arnett hilariously interjected, poking fun at the downbeat tone of Bateman’s question.

But Stewart replied: “Well for us, it’s just waiting for you schmucks to put out more TV. 

“We sit at home – is there a new episode of Ozark? Can we do anything here?”

Bateman’s bombshell about a January 2022 release comes days after Netflix released the first clip from season four during fan event, Tudum.

Season four opens on Omar Navarro’s (Felis Solis) home in Mexico where he and family and friends are throwing a birthday party.

It soon becomes clear that the party happens just moments after Helen’s murder from the third season’s finale.

As the camera pans across Omar’s family and friends, it soon cuts to Marty and Wendy scrambling in the bathroom.

The husband and wife begin scrubbing bits of blood and matter out of their faces and hair, reeling from the execution they just witnessed.

Wendy even plants a hand on her husband as she looks for his help wiping away the grizzly mess.

Before the clip ends, both Marty and Wendy turn to face a noise from outside the bathroom – but who or what could it be?

Fans will have to tune into the Ozark season four premiere – hopefully in January – to find out.

Ozark season 4 will be released on Netflix in 2022.

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