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'Partygate and prosecco more important' Ferrari shames Boris Johnson's election ploy

News'Partygate and prosecco more important' Ferrari shames Boris Johnson's election ploy

Nick Ferrari raged at Boris Johnson for his failure to recognise the true destruction caused by the Tory partygate scandal. The broadcaster analysed local election results across the country and condemned the weakness of the Conservative campaign. The LBC host claimed the Tory government had grossly underestimated the impact of partygate and the cost of living crisis in their ignorant approach to local elections.

He said: “Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to make it a tale about parking and potholes but it would appear much of the country has seen that perhaps partygate and prosecco is more important.

“Wandsworth has gone to Labour, that’s been in Conservative control for more than 40 years.

“Barnet, also in London, has never been out of Conservative control for 58 years, Oxford, that’s been in Conservative control for 22 years.

“It is widely predicted and the feeling is that the Conservatives have lost Westminster and that’s been true blue Tory since 1964.”

The radio host argued partygate and the rising price of living had wrongfully dominated the local elections, causing significant Tory losses.

Mr Ferrari continued: “I’ve mentioned partygate and the cost of living crisis – how much in the end was that what played?

“People should, of course, be voting about the potholes and the people that takeaway the rubbish and put books in the library.”

Mr Ferrari suggested the local community element of the election had been largely overlooked as voters used the election to signal their feelings towards major national issues.

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The new Wandsworth council leader, Labour’s Adam Hug, promised a “root and branch revolution of everything the council does.”

The Labour candidate explained the borough should expect drastic changes to local policy under the opposition party.

The Liberal Democrats also enjoyed moderate success across the country as they snatched seats from typical Conservative areas.

The Green Party achieved a historical victory as the party secured its first seat on Coventry Council.

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