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‘People with their b****y peanuts!’ BBC Airport’s Jeremy Spake hits out at holidaymakers

Travel‘People with their b****y peanuts!’ BBC Airport’s Jeremy Spake hits out at holidaymakers

Jeremy Spake featured in the BBC documentary series Airport, and is an expert in all things aviation. Returning to the small screen for another series, The Airport: Back in the Skies, Jeremy has been tasked with helping Heathrow Airport return to plain sailing post-pandemic.

The face of travel has changed exponentially over the past two years, what with passenger locator forms, FFP2 face masks, and red list locations permeating the discourse around holidays.

Jeremy Spake’s new documentary offers an insight into the aviation powerhouse that is Heathrow Airport, during one of its strangest and most challenging times.

One of Jeremy’s tasks was joining the turnover officer before a flight to Delhi, which has recently experienced a Covid spike.

The plane needs to be ready to go in just 90 minutes, and while this would be a difficult task under normal circumstances, the pandemic has only made this worse.

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The expert explained what goes into preparing for the next flight once passengers depart the plane.

He stated: “There’ll be a lot of debris from customers.

“There’ll be pillows, blankets, rubbish on the floor – so it’s exhausting trying to keep the thing clean.”

In light of the pandemic, staff must also deep-clean cabins so as to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.


Then, Jeremy and Heathrow veteran Claire took viewers through the precautions made to keep passengers safe.

Health kits are given to all passengers, including masks, hand sanitiser and wipes.

Mandated by the Indian government, those flying to Delhi must wear a face visor for boarding.

“I don’t think the world realises just how much is going in to keeping people safe when they travel.”

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