Phillip Schofield horrified as James Martin puts WHOLE block of butter to fry chicken

Phillip Schofield could not mask his disgust when chef James Martin used a whole block of butter in a dish he rustled up on Monday’s instalment of This Morning on ITV. The 59-year-old broadcaster looked mortified when he watched James add the entire block into a frying pan before adding in breaded chicken.

James appeared on Monday’s episode of the popular show to cook a breaded chicken dish, named chicken Milanese, for presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. 

While the presenters initially appeared impressed by James’ recipe, they were soon left stunned by the amount of butter he chose to fry the breaded chicken in. 

Phillip was wide-eyed and speechless when he saw James place the chicken in a pan of sizzling butter. 

Holly, who was equally as outraged by the amount of butter used, said: “I don’t want to know, I am going to look away.” 

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Xan Coats tweeted: “Just love James Martin’s passion for butter and thrilled to see he featured Bungay Butter which is produced near me. I even eat it on its own!

Mart joked: “The James Martin recipe for everything: Butter. Add some butter. Grate some butter and sprinkle it on. Cook it. Voila.”

John Horne added: “James Martin’s Buttery Chicken Milanese looks delicious, I think Chicken is delicious with anything. Always great to see you on This morning James.” 

However, some viewers were not impressed by James’ chicken Milanese, with some likening the dish to a recipe for a “heart attack”.

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