Piers Morgan calls ITV 'more dysfunctional than the Royal Family' in Meghan Markle quip

Piers Morgan left his prolific role on Good Morning Britain earlier this year over his comments about Meghan Markle. However, the star has now labelled his former workplace as “more dysfunctional than the Royal Family”.

Piers reflected on his exit, admitting he was relieved to not attend this year’s ITV Palooza.

Writing in his latest column, he penned: “One of the benefits of getting divorced from the ‘ITV family’ – which, for all the fake smiles, is even more dysfunctional than the Royal Family – is that I no longer have to attend the annual ‘Palooza’.”

The outspoken broadcaster then took aim at Kevin Lygo, ITV’s director of television for “stamping on his grave”.

He referenced a speech that Kevin reportedly gave at the event on November 23.

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Piers penned in the Mail on Sunday: “Referring to me as evil Harry Potter villain Voldemort, Lygo quipped: ‘He’s not here, is he? Of course, he’s not here – he f***ing walked off, didn’t he?’

“He went on: ‘No, we miss Piers…’ As he said this, he theatrically shook his head in violent contradiction of this statement. ‘But he’s gone…’

“Lygo then made a crude ‘w****r’ hand signal, to raucous laughter from an audience including Holly Willoughby, Bear Grylls and Brian May. ‘… and that’s that.’”

Piers admitted his first reaction to the reported speech was to write a letter to the head of ITV Dame Carolyn McCall saying how this was “damaging to his mental health”.

Piers exited GMB back in March, following Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

This had seen the Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry speaking about their decision to leave the Royal Family, as well as a racist remark she’d received.

However, in the morning show after his comments, Piers said he did not believe her remarks, leading to more than 50,000 complaints to Ofcom.

This then led to a confrontation between him and weatherman Alex Beresford on the next morning’s show.

After Alex admitted he wasn’t pleased with his comments, Piers walked off the set.

Later that day, his exit from GMB was confirmed as ITV released a statement he was leaving.

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