'Plan B will be a nightmare' Boss slams reintroduction of lockdowns in England

The boss of London’s Chamber of Commerce, Richard Burge has warned imposing more lockdown regulations would be a disaster, saying ‘the idea of a Plan-B would be a nightmare”. It came after Doctors have called for Covid Plan B to start in England, which would include compulsory face coverings and Covid passports for entry to large events.

Calling on LBC news, Richard from London’s Chamber of Commerce said: “It’s looking pretty good actually considering all the circumstances.

“It feels buzzy people are out and about.

“You have to book restaurant places now you can’t walk in and hope there’s going to be a place.

“I think that’s all looking good and there’s a nice feel about it.”

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Nick Ferrari asked: “Tell us about the idea of a plan B, what might that bring about?”

He said: “The idea of a plan B, you know, where we have to start working from home as the default again where bars and restaurants are shut and highly restricted.

“I think jt would be a nightmare. It sends a very bad signal about London to the rest of the world.

“London is a world city, and it sends a signal about the whole country very fast to the rest of the globe.”

He continued: “So that would be a real disaster which is why we think we should be taking early precautions just to take a few gentle steps just to try and nudge some of these figures.

“Particularly the growth in COVID amongst the under 40s down a bit.

“It’s accelerating at the moment.

“We need to bring it down.”

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“You said the most important thing is to get the vaccine!

“My booster was two days ago!”

Hospitality figures have warned that pubs and hotels could not survive a second Christmas lost to Covid-19 restrictions.

It came as the government faces growing pressure to impose “plan B” measures to curb the rise in coronavirus cases.

The British Medical Association said it would be “wilful negligence” not to enact the government’s plan B in England to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed.

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