Polexit fears strike EU: Brexiteers back state in battle to protect sovereignty

A Polish court ruled some elements of EU law are incompatible with the state, which has fuelled expectations the eastern European country may leave the bloc. Brexiteers soon voiced their support for the nation and its pursuit to maintain sovereignty. Commenting on the Express.co.uk story, Dan Bolton claimed both populations want the best for their homelands.

He said: “17.4 million proud Brexiteers. Supporting Polexit, Poland.

“We both want best for our homelands, not what’s best for EU.”

A second person said: “Come on Poland we’re behind you.

“Love how they manage to think that 100k people across the nation is a big success.

“When really it’s only like five percent of the population.

“So does that mean 95 percent want out?”

Protests took place across Poland after the ruling from the Constitutional Tribunal court last Thursday.

According to the organisers, 100,000 people gathered in Warsaw to proclaim they will remain in the bloc despite fears it may leave.

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“The Polish government may or may not want to be less democratic.

“But we certainly know that neither Brussels nor Berlin believes in a genuine democracy.

“They believe in the undemocratic abuse of power.”

Both Poland and Hungary have clashed with the EU.

The EU has taken out rule of proceedings against both states amid claims each country has violated certain democratic principles such as the independence of the judiciary and journalists.

In support of Poland, Hungary’s prime minister Victor Orban, stated EU law cannot trump a country’s sovereignty.

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