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POLL: Who do you think Britain should be most worried about, Le Pen or Macron?

NewsPOLL: Who do you think Britain should be most worried about, Le Pen or Macron?

This rematch has either candidate in with a shot at winning the keys to the Élysée Palace, and the outcome will not only affect the future of France but have wider implications for Europe as well as the UK. Polls show the race for the French presidency is much closer than when incumbent Emmanuel Macron beat far-right candidate Marine Le Pen with nearly two votes to one in 2017.

The centrist Mr Macron is now projected to win by a small margin after he came out on top following a televised debate on Wednesday, April 20 with the candidates clashing on the cost of living crisis, Ukraine and the EU.

Ms Le Pen wanted to show that voters should not be afraid of giving her an opportunity to lead, while Mr Macron aimed to fix problems within his image which became entrenched during his first term, including a perception that he serves an elitist France. 

Like Britain, France is facing a cost of living crisis and to combat this Ms Le Pen has promised to make this a priority during her presidency.

She wants to scrap income tax for all under-30s, raise wages by 10 percent and reduce VAT on fuel by 14.5 percent alongside removing ht eTV licence fee of €138 (£116).

Yet Mr Macron says the government has spent billions of euros on capping energy bills and claims this is “twice as effective as dropping VAT”. 

He also wants to allow employers to give staff an untaxed bonus of up to €6,000 (£5,055), increase teachers’ wages and is prepared to scrap the TV licence fee too.

Employer federation Medef predict Mr Macron’s policies would be better for growth and jobs, while Ms Le Pen’s would lead France to a dead end.

Mr Macron hopes to pay for his policies by raising the pension age from 62 to 65 while promising to raise the state pension from €950 to €1,100 (£800-£926).

However, Ms Le Pen wants to keep the pension age but allow individuals who started work at 20 to retire at 60 and raise the state pension to €1,000, (£842).

Ms Le Pen wants to hold a referendum on immigration to end what she describes as “anarchic and massive immigration”.

Under her priorité nationale (national priority) proposal she wants to prioritise French nationals ahead of foreigners.

While Mr Macron has condemned her plans as a “nationalist agenda, which is not patriotism”.

He has declared this election as a “referendum of Europe” and argues that Europe protects France.

Meanwhile, Ms Le Pen has moved from her original “Frexit” plans to leave the EU and now is focused on a European alliance of nations.

Ms Le Pen has also been critical of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is not in favour of NATO, proposing that France leaves its “integrated command” while remaining in the organisation.

Yet Mr Macron has played a key diplomatic role in the war and provided support to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

So what do YOU think? Who should Britain be more worried about, Le Pen or Macron? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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