Prince Andrew 'blocked from Prince Charles’ royal banquet'

The Duke of York is said to have attended a conference with Army colonels, along with other senior royals. Virginia Giuffre is suing Andrew for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager. She claims she was trafficked by Epstein, the Duke’s former friend, to have sex with Andrew in London when she was aged 17 and a minor under US law. The Duke has denied all the allegations.

According to Palace insiders, Andrew was not allowed to represent the Grenadier Guards and asked to leave before the dinner and attended the conference privately.

A source said: “He sat at the back of the room. And was not allowed to dine with his brother.

“It is quite a fall from grace.”

A Clarence House spokesman added: “The Grenadier Guards were represented by the Regional Lieutenant-Colonel, who is Lieutenant-General Roland Walker.”

The Sun reports Charles was in attendance at the private military conference.

Andrew spent most of August and September at Balmoral, reportedly seeking to limit from US lawyers attempting to serve him legal papers from Ms Giuffre.

The outlet also reported the Prince of Wales, along with Princess Anne and Prince Edward, had a summit in January to decide there is “no way back” for Andrew.

A source told the outlet: “Nine months ago Charles, Anne and Edward had a meeting, a summit, and agreed there was no way back for him.”

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Sources also claim Prince William sees Andrew as a “threat” to the Royal Family.

A source told the Sunday Times that “Prince William is becoming more and more involved in decisions about the institution of monarchy.

“He is not a huge fan of his uncle Andrew”.

They also claimed one of the “triggers” that “really gets” William is his uncle’s attitude, adding: “Any suggestion there isn’t gratitude for the institution, anything that could lead the public to think that senior members of the family aren’t grateful for their position, (William thinks) is really dangerous.”


On August 9, Ms Giuffre filed a civil lawsuit against the Queen’s favourite son in New York.

She alleged that she was forced to have several sexual encounters with Andrew in the early 2000s after being trafficked by Epstein when she was 16 and 17 years old.

The Duke’s lawyers have asked for a copy of a 2009 settlement they believe will nullify her civil assault case against the royal.

In a statement speaking about the settlement, Mrs Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies said: “Although we believe that the release is irrelevant to the case against Prince Andrew, now that service has been accepted and the case is proceeding to a determination on the merits, we believe that counsel for Prince Andrew have a right to review the release and to make whatever arguments they believe appropriate based on it.”

Charles is said to “love his brother” but thinks the sex abuse writ served by Ms Giuffre brings “unwelcome reputational damage to the institution”.

A source told the Sunday Times “a way back for the Duke is not possible, because the spectre of this accusation raises its head with hideous regularity”.

Andrew’s US legal team finally accepted the case had been served on September 21 and a preliminary hearing is due to be held in New York next month.

He has strongly denied all the allegations made by Ms Giuffre and his team are seeking to get the case thrown out before a trial.

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