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Prince Charles body language 'shows up Queen' as he 'dominates' in new video message

She said: “His pause after telling us they are ‘tragically passing from this world’ and his head-tilt and frown signal reflective regret before he comes back with the words ‘so..’ and his harder message about ‘the task of bearing witness’ is shared when he refers to it falling ‘to us’, with tonal emphasis on the ‘us’.”

Prince Charles is patron of The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and shows his support for the organisation in the message.

Judi said: “Charles tells us about being a proud patron of the charity using less formal body language that turns it into an aside but then he delivers the core words of ‘Be the light in the darkness’, following it by another but longer reflective pause as well as a sigh, an eye cut-off and a sideways slew of the lower jaw to suggest congruent sadness.”

According to Judi, Charles closes the message on a thoughtful note.

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