Prince Charles buddies up with Jamie Oliver to launch food waste initiative – ‘So keen’

The future monarch, 72, has teamed up with Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty, TV presenter and farmer, to raise awareness in schools. The trio launched their project, called Food For The Future, which hopes to tackle food waste problems in the country.

The programme will teach children how to reduce food waste for a “more sustainable way of living”.

Writing for the Daily Mirror, the 72-year-old prince said: “The pilot scheme will involve pupils from secondary schools across south-west and central Scotland who will learn over the course of the year from notable experts like Jimmy Doherty and his long-time friend, Jamie Oliver.

“They will get hands-on experience of growing fruit and vegetables and farming, visit food-processing factories and learn how to cook healthy food that is locally sourced.”

Charles said the programme aims to give children a “comprehensive understanding of how our food system works and discover alternative approaches that are better for nature, people and the planet”.

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Prince Charles has been an adamant supporter of organic farming for many years.

In the mid-1980s he made the controversial decision to switch to organic farming, upsetting many British farmers.

However, around the early 2000s many farmers made the switch themselves and adopted practices he implemented two decades earlier.

“With roughly half of all the habitable land on earth used for agriculture, I cannot think of a sector more central to the survival of the planet,” Charles told BBC Radio 4.

“How we produce food has a direct impact on the earth’s capacity to sustain us, which has a direct impact on human health and economic prosperity.”

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