Prince Charles' demand to 'restructure society' dubbed 'wealthy man's luxury'

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti argued that while it is more widely acceptable to be concerned about climate change, there are still risks to the Royal Family talking on the issue. During an interview with, Mr Sacerdoti claimed Prince Charles’ calls for change may not always be positively received. He added that, for some, his calls to restructure society and the economy could be seen as a “wealthy man’s luxury”.

Mr Sacerdoti said: “When it comes to climate change, for Prince Charles it is an issue he has always found to be very important.

“They have made a lot, in the palace, of his early adoption of this as a cause.

“In reality, I am not sure it was that early but he certainly did talk about it for many years.

“I suppose the risk for the Royal Family is that talking about changing our lifestyle and effectively restructuring our society and economy in ways that might be better for the planet by the movement of eco-change might be seen as a wealthy man’s luxury.”

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Mr Sacerdoti continued: “I think it is an issue that is widely held as important by society.

“So it is not so dangerous for them to talk about it, it is now commonly accepted as being a good idea by the left and right and all layers of society.

“The Royal Family do need to be careful especially when you see things like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry talk about these issues.”

This comes after Prince Charles faced a backlash over insisting that politicians were not doing enough on climate change. 

Speaking to the BBC’s Adam Fleming, Prince William made multiple warnings regarding the future of the Earth and of future generations. 

He said: “Now I’ve got children as well and speaking to other parents you start to see the world differently.

“I want the things that I’ve enjoyed – the outdoor life, nature, the environment, I want that to be there for my children, and not just my children but everyone else’s children.

“I want to use my little bit of influence/profile to highlight incredible people doing incredible things and will genuinely help fix some of these problems.”

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