Prince Charles will never be an ‘activist monarch’, says Royal expert – ‘A remarkable job’

Following a recent poll by YouGov which claims Prince Charles is only number 7 on the list of most popular royal figures, GB News dedicated a section of its evening show to “Can the monarchy survive with Charles in charge?” A vox pop in front of Buckingham Palace highlighted how Charles’ personal life seems to carry weight on whether he would be a good King.

“I just don’t know that someone who is unfaithful to his wife could be faithful to a country”, told a young woman to GB News.

“It is quite ambitious to think that we can trust him.”

On set, presenter Dan Wootton asked the same question to the former mayor of London Ken Livingstone and royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams.

The latter was incredibly supportive of Prince Charles while admitting the role of Prince, which he has had for his whole life, has been quite restraining.

“As Prince of Wales, he created his own role” claimed Mr Fitzwilliams.

“I think in issues, especially those of the environment – that’s mainstream now. It wasn’t 50 years ago.”

“It was around 50 years ago that Charles ran a campaign to save the planet and I think that’s very significant.”

“Whether it’s architecture or whether it’s drawing or whether it’s homoeopathy, he has a role, so long as it’s not a political role.”

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According to Richard Fitzwilliams, one million people may have benefited from the program initiated by Charles back in 1976.

Mr Livingstone, labelled an “ardent republican” by Dan Wootton said Charles’ past actions might never be excused by the people.

“Everyone loved Diana and I think a lot have never forgiven him for what he did,” said the former Mayor of London.

On the contrary, Richard Fitzwilliams thinks people should not eclipse the work the Prince of Wales has accomplished outside of his personal life in the public eye.

“Remember the amount of charitable work he does!”

The YouGov poll places the Queen herself at the top followed by Prince William, his wife Kate, the late Prince Philip and Princess Anne in fifth place.

Zara Phillips, Anne’s daughter, takes the number 6 spot which means she is reportedly even more popular than the heir apparent to the British throne who only placed 7.

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