Prince Harry warned he risks 'losing all allies' as Duke 'hurts' Royal Family

The Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers claimed the Duke of Sussex, who quit royal duties with Meghan Markle last year for a new life in California, has “hurt” family members with recent “outbursts”. Mr Myers made the comments after Harry waded into the cash for honours row surrounding Prince Charles’s charity.

Mr Myers told the Mirror: “The Prince of Wales is caught between a rock and a hard place on how to deal with his son after so many recent and often hurtful outbursts towards the rest of his family.

“For while Prince Charles, according to those close to him, still “loves and cares deeply” for Prince Harry, there is a certain unease at how frequently and with such ease he seems to wade into his family’s affairs.

“The family he upped sticks and left behind, if you recall.

“The latest souring of relations between father and son seems to stem from Harry attempting to claim he raised ‘concerns’ about a Saudi tycoon at the centre of a probe into sizeable donations to Charles’s charity.

“This is at odds with Charles, or any of his closest advisors, who appear to have no knowledge of Harry ever mentioning anything of the sort.

“The Harry that presents himself in public, or through his vastly expensive lawyers, is quite different from the one who still engages with his father.

“The danger is he will run out of a number of already dwindling allies in his own family if he doesn’t see the hurt he is causing to others who have maintained a dignified silence.”

Mr Myers’ comments come after Harry denied involvement in cash for honours claims and said he “severed ties” with a Saudi billionaire donor to the Prince of Wales’ charity six years ago.

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Harry said Charles stopped taking his calls and cut him off financially after Megxit.

And weeks later in a podcast appearance, the Duke appeared to suggest Charles, the Queen and the late Prince Philip had all failed as parents.

Harry said he wanted to “break the cycle” of “genetic pain and suffering” for the sake of his own children.

He said of Charles: “He’s treated me the way he was treated, so how can I change that for my own kids?”

Harry has returned to Britain twice since Megxit – once for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in April and again for the unveiling of a Princess Diana statue in July.

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