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Princess Anne's 'tough' body language shows key difference with 'shy' Prince Charles

When Princess Anne has stepped out in public, body language expert Judi James suggested she has a “tough” approach to her royal role.

She revealed: “Anne facial expressions often oozed the notion that she would never suffer fools or even weaklings gladly.

“She looked (and still does) like the kind of tough countrywoman who was a stranger to self-pity or emotional displays.”

The expert suggested her royal style is the most similar to her father’s, Prince Philip.


“She could come across as a rather daunting presence,” Judi continued.

“Photos of her taken with her father years ago show physical closeness, ease and mirroring.

“Anne might have sat still for long enough to pose for some more formal and romantic ‘princess’ style portraits but in real life she was more often seen with her hands on her hips and a determined frown on her face, getting on with jobs like stoking the BBQ or mucking out the horses.”

While being most similar to her father, Princess Anne has some obvious differences with Prince Charles.

Judi suggested Princess Anne and Prince Charles have contrasting personalities, with Anne portraying herself as more confident.

She explained: “Her body language signals with her brother Charles suggested – almost from birth – that she was the one who had been gifted all the confidence.

“While Charles looked dreamy, shy and hesitant Anne looked bubbling with happy self-esteem.”

With Prince Charles first in line to the British throne, Judi also explained how the royals would probably have different approaches to being the monarch.

“Neither Anne nor Charles display the kind of body language signals that make them naturals for the job of crown-wearing,” Judi added.

“However, I’m sure Anne would struggle more than her brother.

“Charles has managed to overcome some of his body language signals that imply self-pity and either diffidence or arrogance, and replace them with a very kindly-looking eye-wrinkling smile and chuckle that suggests warmth and affection.

“The thought of an ever-smiling, ever-chuckling Anne is almost inconceivable though.”

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