Property: How to increase curb appeal when selling – ‘important’ to keep home ‘maintained’

When trying to sell a property, experts recommend spending time improving curb appeal. This can help a property sell as well as make potential homeowners feel at ease. For those not looking to sell, making small changes can also impress guests, neighbours and make a house feel more homely.

“As it’s darker in the winter, driveway or security lights outside will illuminate your home’s best features.”

To keep a property looking maintained, the home expert recommended cleaning the gutters out.

These can get incredibly dirty during winter, including becoming blocked with leaves.

Richard added: “Even in winter it’s important to regularly clean your gutters as this helps prevent damage and keeps your property looked cared for and well maintained.”

“Also, display a welcome mat by your front door, it’ll make your home more inviting.”

For those with a balcony, keeping it cleaned and plants cared for can also increase curb appeal.

All of these steps can help not only make a house look homely, they can also help attract potential buyers if looking to sell.

If looking to sell, Richard recommends hiding outdoor bins.

He said: “Many people have their dustbins in front of their property, especially those who live in terraced houses.

“Bins can be unsightly and can smell which can put potential buyers and guests off if they have to walk past them when they come in and out of your house.

“Try to store your bins around the back of your home or alternatively you can create your own DIY willow screens or invest in a dustbin box.”

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