‘Protect at all costs!’ US army veteran captures alligator in wheelie bin to defend kids

Eugene Bozzi lives in Mount Dora in central Florida and managed to get the alligator inside the wheelie bin. A video was shared on Instagram, during which the man is seen moving slowly towards the alligator with the bin open and on its side.

The US army veteran pushes the bin slowly as the alligator moves back.

Bozzi then pushes the bin in the direction of the alligator, which shallowed the alligator into the whole bin.

With the alligator inside, he lifts up the bin and manages to close the lid.

However, getting the alligator inside the bin was difficult with the creature moving its tail abruptly from side to side.

The army veteran told the New York Post his daughter had made him aware of the alligator outside his home.

He said: “My daughter was riding a bike, and she was like, ‘Hey, this big alligator just hissed at me!’

“I went over there, and it was bigger than me. There were other peoples’ kids out there, also.”

He added: “Military instinct kicked in – and, you know, ‘protect at all costs.’”

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Florida has a population of more than a million alligators.

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