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‘Proud to be British!’ Readers rage against ‘embarrassed’ expats

News‘Proud to be British!’ Readers rage against ‘embarrassed’ expats

The views of Express.co.uk readers are in stark contrast to the first major study since Brexit of British citizens in Europe which revealed concerns. The study of 1,328 British nationals was conducted a year after the Brexit transition period by Lancaster and Birmingham Universities.

Some 80 percent of respondents’ feelings towards the UK were strongly affected by Brexit and the British Government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Responses included “deep shame”, “disappointment”, “a s*** show” and “shambolic”.

Meanwhile, others mentioned they were “embarrassed to be British”, and said it was “like watching a house on fire”.

Express.co.uk wanted to see if readers felt the same. In a poll that ran from 11am on Wednesday, May 4, to midday on Thursday, May 5, Express.co.uk asked: “Are you embarrassed to be British?”

A whopping 11,389 people cast their votes and thousands shared their views in the comments below the accompanying article in a lively debate.

Overall, the dominant response – 87 percent (9,889 people) – was “no”, they are not embarrassed to be British.

Meanwhile, 13 percent (1,479 people) said “yes”, they are embarrassed and a further 21 people said they did not know either way.

The vast majority of readers commented that they were proud of their country.

One user, lostforwords said: “I’m definitely proud to be British.”

Username All politicians tell lies wrote: “Only remainers are embarrassed to be British. I’m proud to be English first and British second but most of all I’m proud to be a Brexiter.”

Some noted how Brexit had influenced their views on being British with username Ian Gray commenting: “Brexit has made me more proud to be British.”

Username SteveJones7 said: “Britain leaving the EU was a massive positive for me, restored my faith in Brits.”

Another, username JohnSw, said: “I am very pleased and proud to be British, it’s the EU who should be ashamed.”

And username The taxilady wrote: “I was embarrassed to be in the EU.”

The university study only considered views of British citizens living in the EU and many readers felt strongly about expats.

Username Proud2BEnglish said: “If this is how they feel about the UK, then I suggest they take up local citizenship, give up all the benefits the UK provides and get on with their lives, while leaving those of us who are still proud to be English/British to get on with making Brexit the huge success it has the potential to be.”

Others expressed their admiration for the UK in their comments.

Username Truebrit said: “I am proud to be British and I am proud of the influence we have had on the world. We made mistakes and did some things we shouldn’t but overall I think we have had a positive influence on civilisation over the centuries.”

Meanwhile, username Alann said: “I am extremely proud to be a Brit. Have lived in the EU but there’s no place like home.”

And Username WidowSon said: “I’m embarrassed for those Brits that are embarrassed to be British.”

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