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Putin shame as spy drones spot massive 'tank graveyard' –scale Russian of losses laid bare

NewsPutin shame as spy drones spot massive 'tank graveyard' –scale Russian of losses laid bare

Flights from a Ukrainian intelligence unit have confirmed dozens of pieces of damaged military hardware have been dumped in a field. Satellite images show there were no vehicles at the site at Golovchino village on February 24 and only a handful on March 17.

The Ukrainian intelligence team counted 57 military vehicles on a feed from a Leleka drone, including at least 17 tanks.

The tanks pictured in Golovchino appeared to be T-72s and more modern T-90s.

There were also at least seven self-propelled artillery guns including MSTA mobile howitzers, smaller 2S3 Akatsiya guns, mechanised bridges, armoured fighting vehicles and two tank recovery vehicles.

It is thought many tanks in the “graveyard” came from the Sumy region, after Vladimir Putin ordered a retreat in late March to refocus on Ukraine’s far east.

A team commander “Ranger” who joined the intelligence unit said the haul had been dragged to the site for repair and abandoned.

He said: “All the Russian vehicles that come to Ukraine will end up in a place like this.

“It is a tank graveyard. A cemetery.”

A Ukrainian intelligence source said: “The fact these tanks have been left behind in Golovchino tells us they are no use to Russia.”

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Sam Cranny-Evans, from the respected RUSI think-tank, told the outlet the chaotic arrangement of the vehicles at the site showed “they have been taken there in a hurry”.

He said: “They are positioned somewhat haphazardly, as you would expect for vehicles that are unable to move under their own power and that are in need of repair.”

Defence expert Joseph Dempsey, from the London-based IISS think-tank told the Sun: “The most logical assessment of this site is a repair and/or recovery site for Russia ground force vehicles damaged in the conflict.

“Though the condition of each is unconfirmed, they appear to be in various states of damage or repair, with crew and other access panel open or absent.

“While feasible some might be returned to duty, others may simply be cannibalised for spare parts to return others to service.”


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It comes after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he fears providing Ukraine with tanks could spark a nuclear war.

On Tuesday, he said Germany would provide Ukraine with £830 million to buy their own weapons.

He said: “We need to do everything to avoid a direct military confrontation between NATO and a heavily armed superpower such as Russia, a nuclear power

“I will do everything to avoid an escalation that could lead to World War III – there can be no nuclear war.

“That’s why it is all the more important that we consider each step very carefully and coordinate closely with one another.

“To avoid an escalation towards NATO is a top priority for me. 

“That’s why I don’t focus on polls or let myself be irritated by shrill calls. The consequences of an error would be dramatic.”

Britain has provided at least £450million of military aid and weaponry, including armoured vehicles and anti-tank missiles.

On Thursday, the US announced a further £612million of military aid including heavy artillery weapons, dozens of howitzers and tactical drones, following a similar-sized package of assistance earlier in April.

Ukraine has claimed it has destroyed more than 800 Russian tanks and 2,000 armoured vehicles.

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