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Putin’s ‘middle finger’ to UN as Kyiv is bombed during visit from Secretary General

WorldPutin’s ‘middle finger’ to UN as Kyiv is bombed during visit from Secretary General

Russian military forces have confirmed a deliberate attack was made on the Ukraine capital of Kyiv during a visit from António Guterres. Russian Defence spokesperson Igor Konashenkov announced, “high-precision, long-range air-based weapons of the Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed the production buildings of the Artyom missile and space enterprise in Kyiv.” The attack on Kyiv took place on Thursday as the United Nations Secretary-General met with President Zelensky to discuss the war. Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv, affirmed “what is also symbolic at this moment, the Secretary-General of the United Nations is in Kyiv.”

“This is a so-called hello to him,” the Mayor described the attack.

He continued, “Putin showed his middle-finger at this moment, shelling our homes, destroying them.”

“Putin’s target is not houses, his target is people’s lives,” the Mayor warned.  

Vitali Klitschko was adamant Putin had chosen to target Kyiv during the visit in a symbolic condemnation of the UN efforts to end the war in Ukraine.

António Guterres had visited Moscow to meet with President Putin in an effort to negotiate peace talks and ensure his cooperation with humanitarian efforts.

The UN Secretary-General had hoped to establish an evacuation route for civilians and Ukrainian troops trapped in the Mariupol steelworks.

Mr Guterres described his trip to Russia as a “useful meeting” to express UN concerns surrounding the conflict.

He hoped his discussion with Putin would “minimise some of the most dramatic situations” in the war.

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At the conference, António Guterres declared, “I am here to focus on how the UN can expand support for the people of Ukraine.”

He continued: “I am here to say to you, Mr President, and to the people of Ukraine: We will not give up.”

The UN Secretary-General described the situation in Mariupol as “a crisis within a crisis.”

He outlined his discussion with Vladimir Putin has established the foundations of an agreement to aid the evacuation of Ukrainian civilians from the city.

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