Queen heartbreak: Monarch 'prayed’ through turbulent royal year

On April 9, Prince Philip died at 99 years old, with the Duke of Edinburgh laid to rest on April 17 at Windsor Castle. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also stepped down from royal duties in March, and Prince Andrew has become embattled in a lawsuit over allegations of sexual abuse. 

Matthew Dennison, royal author, said Her Majesty has turned to her faith to help cope with the dramas of the Royal Family. 

He said: “She has a strong religious faith. 

“One of the things that the queen has done is pray throughout all of this. 

“She also has a loyal, supportive group of private secretaries, ladies in waiting and devoted friends who have been a strong system around her. 

“She also has the support of her close-knit family.”

Speaking to Fox News, Mr Dennison suggested the Queen “finds it difficult to confront difficult issues”.

However, he noted: “I think she has gotten better over time.”

He also told the US outlet he thinks Her Majesty has no plans to abdicate despite the loss of Philip earlier this year.

The author added: “There wasn’t ever a realistic expectation that the death of the Duke of Edinburgh would lead the queen to abdicate. 

“In the very few times she has spoken about it to her close friends, she has always been quite clear that the promises she made in her coronation are binding. 

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“These are promises she made to God in the church. These are holy promises.”

Mr Dennison also said The Queen is close with Harry despite his and Meghan’s move to the US.

He said: “She reacted very sensitively to her grandson, but she also reacted very clearly and strongly,. 

“There is no doubt that the queen felt a level of disappointment by what has happened. And when the interview [with Oprah] aired, it was quite shocking in Britain.”


It comes after Her Majesty praised BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ for showing “Christianity as a living faith”.

In a pre-recorded message for the programme, she said: “For 60 years, ‘Songs of Praise’ has drawn together congregations and BBC viewers throughout the United Kingdom in collective worship.

“During that time, the program has shown Christianity as a living faith not only through hymns and worship songs but also by featuring the many people who have put their faith at the centre of their lives.

“I congratulate ‘Songs of Praise’ and all those involved in the program on its 60th anniversary.”

In 2020, royal historian Robert Lacey told People magazine that the Queen’s faith has been essential during her reign.

He said: “She sees it in the bigger context of her religious faith and of a God who holds her family in his hands. 

“It is the solid and simple faith that sustains the Queen.”

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