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Queen 'keen to stress' she is ruler 'of the entire UK' as Sturgeon plots IndyRef2

NewsQueen 'keen to stress' she is ruler 'of the entire UK' as Sturgeon plots IndyRef2

The monarch, who recently celebrated her 96th birthday, allegedly told members of the Royal Family and courtiers that she does not want to see the UK broken up during her reign. It comes as Ms Sturgeon pushes for another independence referendum towards the end of next year.

The First Minister insisted she had a mandate to hold a second referendum in the first half of her term in office.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pushed back against plans for another call for independence, claiming that it was supposed to be “once in a generation”.

However, Ms Sturgeon did not seem deterred from her ambition to hold the vote by the end of 2023, the halfway point of her current term.

On Sunday, when asked whether this timeline was still valid, the First Minister Sky News’s Ridge: “The short answer to the question is yes.”

A royal source claims the Queen is unable to express a political opinion due to the requirements that a monarch must be strictly neutral with respect to political matters.

However, they claim the Queen could spend more time in Scotland to show her support for the Union amid Ms Sturgeon’s plan for Scotland to become an independent country.

The Sun on Sunday quotes a royal source as saying: “Protocol prevents her from expressing a political opinion but she wants the people of Scotland to know of her wish that they reject independence.

“The country and Balmoral has been an incredibly important part of her life.

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Ahead of the first independence vote which took place in 2014, the Queen stopped short of expressing a political opinion but did give some well-wishers advice.

She told those gathered outside Crathie Kirk in Aberdeenshire that she hoped people “will think very carefully about the future”.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron claims the monarch “purred” when he called her to break the news that Scots had overwhelmingly voted “No”.

In the vote, 2,001,926 voted against independence while 1,617,989 voted in favour.

The SNP has often spoken about joining the EU as being one of the main reasons why Scots should vote for independence.

Recently, Ms Sturgeon has also said an independent Scotland would not host nuclear weapons.

She made this claim despite the fact that the UK’s nuclear submarines are currently headquartered at a base in the country.

The First Minister said: “Nuclear weapons are dangerous and we would always be responsible in terms of negotiations around the timing and the practical arrangements for the removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland.”

She also refers to Scotland’s “strategically important geographic position in the North Atlantic” claiming this would make the country a “constructive and participating member of NATO”.

She added: “The question of NATO membership has not always been one that unifies everybody in the SNP, but I think in the world we’re living in, it is very important to recognise that would be vital for the security of an independent Scotland and we would have a duty to play a part in that broader security arrangement.”

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