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Queen Letizia diet: Royal stays slim by avoiding three drinks but 'eats a lot'

Life & StyleQueen Letizia diet: Royal stays slim by avoiding three drinks but 'eats a lot'

Queen Letizia is known for her impeccable wardrobe and long brunette locks, but she also has a great figure. This is thanks to a balanced diet and exercise. What routine does she follow.

Queen Letizia has been criticised for her diet and fitness regime in the past, with some saying she was too thin when she joined the Spanish royal family in 2004.

However, she stressed that although she is slim, she eats a healthy amount.

The mother-of-two said: “I don’t have any problem. I eat a lot. This is how I am, it’s my body type.”

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A close friend of Letizia unveiled that staying in shape is “part of her personality”.

“Her goal is always to reach perfection, or at least try,” the insider claimed.

“If she exercises, she does it 100 percent. If she practices yoga, she wouldn’t stop until she knows as much as her instructor. She is like that with everything, with her body too. She watches what she eats to the extreme.”

Another close friend shared the Queen’s fitness regime, explaining that the King also joins in when he is around.

They said: “The queen practices weight exercises every other day. She always recommends them when someone asks her. If the king is free, he would join her gym routine, too.”

As for diet, Letizia watches what she eats and follows a balanced meal plan.

During a visit to Torrejoncillos school in Cáceres, Spain, the 49-year-old explained that her favourite foods include vegetables, fruit, salads, and purées.

These reportedly add up to 80 percent of Letizia’s daily meals, alongside fish, eggs, kale, and spinach.

She also follows the Perricone and Mediterreanean diets, according to reports.

The Mediterranean diet consists of plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as proteins and healthy fats.

Meanwhile, the Perricone diet, named after Dr Perricone, is a diet which consists of protein-rich foods, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, nuts, yoghurt, olive oil, and wholegrains – similar, therefore, to the Mediterranean diet.

Many celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss, have reportedly followed the Perricone diet.

Furthermore, Letizia tries to avoid sugar and doesn’t often touch ready meals, frozen foods, or pizzas.

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