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Queen should NOT retire but young royals ‘should take on burden’ of royal work – POLL

NewsQueen should NOT retire but young royals ‘should take on burden’ of royal work – POLL

In a set of bumper polls that ran from 5pm on Thursday, April 14, to midday on Tuesday, April 19, Express.co.uk asked readers’ views on the Queen retiring and passing on duties to younger members of the Royal Family. This comes after Buckingham Palace said the public should expect the Queen not to be present at events and instead aides will confirm her attendance on the day of the engagement.

A palace source told The Mail on Sunday: “The assumption must now be that the Queen will not be present at events.

“If Her Majesty does attend, it will be decided on the day and she will be accompanied by another member of the Royal Family.”

The Queen’s calendar has been reduced in recent months following several absences and she is thought to be experiencing mobility problems.

She is due to celebrate her 96th birthday on Thursday, April 21, which is the age her late husband, Prince Philip chose to retire and step back from public life at.

In light of this news, Express.co.uk asked its readers: “Do you think the Queen will retire soon?” 

In total, 3,160 people answered this question, with most respondents – 61 percent (1,921 people – opting for “no” the Queen will not retire soon.

A further 32 percent (1,018 people) said “yes” while seven percent (221 people) said they did not know either way.

But abdication of the throne does not seem to be in the Queen’s mind as she renewed her pledge made on her 21st birthday to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations last month.

She said: “In this year of my Platinum Jubilee, it has given me pleasure to renew the promise I made in 1947 that my life will always be devoted to service.”

In a second question, Express.co.uk asked: “Should young royals start taking over more duties from the Queen?”

A total of 3,149 people responded with the bulk of voters – 89 percent (2,801 people) answering “yes”, younger royals should start taking over more duties.

Meanwhile, eight percent of respondents said “no” and just three percent (82 people) said they did not know.

Username Tunnicliffe said: “The Queen enjoys being Head of State, meeting and greeting people, for her to retire would be devastating for her after giving her life to the country and nation.”

And username Cal007 said: “She won’t step down, it’s a pledge for her whole life before God as far as she’s concerned. She will delegate certain things but nothing else.”

However, username TrumpWon said: “It’s time for the Queen to step aside.”

Others commented that the Queen should remain and allow younger royals to take on more work.

One user KevinofMN wrote: “The queen shall reign till death, but the younger royals will step up.”

Username BuntyBunny said: “The Queen should stay on and let the other royals do the work.”

Username madmax69 wrote: “The young royals should take the burden of our ageing Queen.”

And username Gilli Pepper said: “The Queen has done her duty and served for so long we should give her support now and not ask her to abdicate. Her family will step up and help her because they love her.”

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