‘Quicker to swim’ Cheapest route from Manchester to Dublin is via Crete for £21

Brian Whelan used a price comparison site when he was looking to travel to Dublin and people were shocked to find the cheapest route included a ten-hour stopover in Crete. Whelan shared the astounding screenshot on his Twitter with the route costing as little as £21.

People on Twitter were shocked at the long journey and shared their views in the comments. 

Allen Holub tweeted: “How did we create a world where the cost of a ticket is so much less than the actual costs?”

Twitter user, James Wolf tweeted: “At this point it would probably be quicker to swim.” 

Other Twitter users jokily encouraged Whelan to go for the flight, with Damian Mac Con Uladh saying: “Leaves you plenty of time for a visit to a taverna.”


Twitter user, @davidintheforc1, said: “I’d be looking at that as a really cheap holiday to Crete. And I’d go too.” 

On an online FlyerTalk forum, passengers have shared crazy journeys they’d taken to reach a destination. 

One person said they had previously travelled via London to get between the two American cities of San Diego and Atlanta. 

In 2017 student William Stein, travelled via Szczecin in Poland to reach Edinburgh after he found the journey price was less than a train ticket from London.

Flight prices are determined by seat availability and demand so can fluctuate based on the time of year and the popularity of the route.

Concerns over the CO2 impact of longer journeys has worried some passengers and could impact airlines operating stopover routes for less money.

However, other passengers even enjoy booking a stopover flight, particularly if they are travelling a long distance.

Research from Netflights found over half of Britons like to turn their stopover into a mini holiday if their route includes one. 

Amsterdam was voted the best city for a stopover and the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll between flights. 

The Dutch capital was the top choice in a Netflights survey of 38 major airports around the world. 

Amsterdam Schiphol, the airport, is also very conveniently located for reaching the city centre via various public transport. 

Travellers who choose a stopover as part of their journey can save a lot of money on their airfare although a journey via Crete between Manchester and Dublin might be too far for some. 

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