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'Quite simple' Finnish President plays down significance of NATO move

World'Quite simple' Finnish President plays down significance of NATO move

The Finnish President announced Finland’s alliance with NATO would not create any serious change in the global political climate. 

Mr Niinistö claimed the logic behind Finland’s decision to join NATO would be a simple notion of defensive strategy.

Finland and Sweden are both currently in tense political talks over the possibility of the two countries joining the international alliance in light of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

In an official statement, Mr Niinistö said: “There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Finland is part of the West, like we have learned to call it.”

He continued: “So the change would not be that radical.

“When we think about security, we think about how to defend our country.

“If we want to maximise our security, that means to maximise defence of our country.”

The President suggested the move would strengthen the defensive position of his country from international threats.

Mr Niinistö explained the decision to join would not negatively impact Finald’s relations with other global powers.

He said: “When I say that, it is not away from anybody.

“Nobody can be hurt because somebody wants to protect herself.”

The President notably used the pronoun “herself,” the feminine address used when referring to countries.

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Boris Johnson has visited both Sweden and Finland to meet with the nation’s leaders and discuss international concerns.

The Prime Minister has already pledged UK support for Sweden, should the country come under attack, in a mutual defensive assurance.

Similarly, Mr Johnson established a security declaration of mutual aid with Finland in a meeting on Wednesday.

A Government statement has confirmed that the political meetings in both nations extensively discussed the violent invasion of Ukraine by Valdimir Putin’s Russian forces.

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