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Radio host injures himself in screaming rant on lockdown end delay 'Who has got to Boris?'

James Whale and Ash Gould discussed how pubs and restaurants have invested to make their premises Covid-secure but were concerned the hospitality sector would be the last to re-open. A passionate Mr Whale screamed down the mic wondering which scientist told the Prime Minister to delay the lifting of lockdown restrictions. But during his rant, the radio host had to pause as he bit his tongue and then took a moment to calm down. 

Speaking on talkRADIO about the lockdown measures, the broadcaster said: “Right, and then this, Boris now confirming the pubs and restaurants are going to be the last to open.”

Mr Whale then bellowed: “Who has got to Boris, who! 

“Which flipping stupid scientist has got to Boris and told him that pubs and restaurants (to close). 

“Those places are the least likely…”

Mr Whale had to pause his rant as he explained he bit his tongue in excitement. 

He continued: “Those places were the least likely to spread disease, I mean for goodness, goodness sake.

“I mean the scientists are very important and obviously we need to get on top of this virus, but I thought they weren’t in danger “

Co-host Ash Gould quipped he thought restaurants were dangerous because food from people’s mouths can be spat around when talking. 

Mr Whale replied he does not talk with his mouth full so this did not apply to him. 

During a visit to a Welsh vaccination centre, the Conservative leader hinted that hospitality would be the last to reopen when he referred to pubs and restaurants being the last to reopen last lockdown. 

Phase two of the vaccination rollout has been launched as four new priority groups will now be targeted. 

The Government hit its 15 million vaccination target last weekend and will be urging those who received their first dose to return for their second. 

While phase two is forecast to be completed by April, many believe it will finish much sooner.

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