‘Rather rude!’ Joan Collins hits back at Trump’s claim he ‘didn’t want to be her lover'

Dame Joan Collins, 88, has revealed how Donald Trump, 75, begged for a role in her hit 80’s soap drama Dynasty, but was promptly turned down to play one of her lovers on the show. However, once word of his rejection reached Hollywood, the former president later denied he had even wanted to be on the programme and said he “would not want to be Joan’s lover on or off-screen”.

Appearing on Jonathan Ross, Dame Joan spoke about writing on Donald Trump’s behaviour in her latest memoir My Unapologetic Diaries.

She revealed: “He pretended to be [taken with me], I don’t think he was. I was a great friend of Ivana’s [his first wife]. 

“Then he called up one of the producers from Dynasty and said, ‘I want to be in Dynasty.’ He said, ‘I’m sorry we’re all cast.’ Trump said, ‘But, I am Dynasty!’ And he said, ‘No you’re not. We have all these other people.’ 

“Trump said, ‘Look, I’d be great to play one of Alexis’s (Joan’s) lovers.’ He said, ‘I think those parts – there was a few! – have been cast.’ 

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“A few weeks later, [the producer] spread this story around Hollywood, he [Trump] denied it. Trump said, ‘I would not want to be Joan Collins’s lover on or off-screen.’ Which I thought was rather rude!” 

Dame Joan had been discussing various anecdotes from her incredible showbiz career in her memoir.

The much talked about book went on sale last week and is sure to be a bestseller, with fascinating stories, including how she fell for her now-husband, Percy Gibson.

Dame Joan revealed her affair began with Percy after he mistakenly brought her mascara instead of eyeliner while she was starring in a play for a company he managed.

The couple married in February of 2002 at Claridge’s Hotel in London.

This was Joan’s fifth marriage and Percy’s second, as he was previously married to Cynthia Bauer for over a decade.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain in 2020, the veteran actress was asked if she would have met her now-husband when she was in her 30s, to which she replied “He wasn’t born!” referencing the 31-year age difference between the pair.

The star joked: “As you know, [Percy] is somewhat younger than me. At first, people would always say, ‘What are you going to do about the age difference?’ I’d say, ‘Well, if he dies he dies!'”

On their 17th wedding anniversary, Joan posted a tribute to her husband on social media to commemorate the day, writing: “Celebrating 17 wonderful fun-filled happy years today! #happyanniversary and #congratulations to my #hubby!.”

The couple does not have any children together, however, Percy is step-father to the movie star’s children, Tara Newley Arkle, Alexander Newley, and Katyana Kass.

The acclaimed author admitted she hadn’t been so lucky in her own marriages previously.

Joan has tied the knot five times and she labelled some of her exes as “pathetic gold-diggers” in a column for the Daily Mail.

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