Real-life Squid Game is recruiting UK players ready to sign ‘medical disclosure’ to win

In the Korean hit Netflix show, participants with lots of debt are invited to a life or death game. Only the last one standing can win the 45.6 billion won prize (£28million prize) while the rest of the 455 players die trying.

Inspired by the show, British firm Universal Ents has launched its own version of the game.

Although the company is mostly known for producing musicals and dancing shows, its creative director has said the experience will be “as realistic as possible.”

“Squid Game Live” will see 40 contestants enrol in five rounds of tricky challenges that will test their temperament and physical limits.

The winner will leave the mysterious destination of the game with a cash prize of £500.

To enter the competition, those who are interested will have to follow the steps as seen on the TV show: calling a number seen on a card.

A website is also available for those who wish to double their chances of being selected, but the company said it crashed on 16 October due to too much traffic.

The 40 participants will have to pay a £45 fee to enter and will be picked up at an as-yet-undisclosed North West location on November 27.

They’ll then be taken to a mystery spot where the games will commence.

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Upon arrival, players will be met by live actors wearing the familiar faceless costumes worn by Squid Game’s emotionless game wardens before being given their own uniform and being fed a pre-challenge meal.

Although players will be required to sign a medical disclosure form before entering, the company does not expect anyone to get hurt.

“We want to make sure our experiences are safe, but still as riveting as the games seen on the Netflix smash Squid Game, but due to the violent nature of the hit show, we want to be cautious that the events don’t attract unstable people,” explained Universal Ents Creative Director Max Fox.

“This is a pain-free experience. There will be no paintballs, guns or otherwise, but don’t be afraid of getting wet.

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“We want to make the games as realistic as possible, without the risk of injury.

“Some of our games you won’t have seen before, but there needs to be an element of surprise and mystery so people really don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for.”

Squid Game Live will run on multiple dates meaning that more than 40 people will be able to compete.

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