Red Bull's Helmut Marko drops further hint that could give Lewis Hamilton extra advantage

Hamilton said: “It all happened incredibly quick and being in the car at the time, the only thing I could think of was getting going and how many positions I would lose.

“I was still just in race mode, so it was just like, ‘How can I get going again?’ I was sitting there in a little bit of pain, but was thinking, come on let’s go. But unfortunately, the car wouldn’t move.

“I did see Max get out and just walk by and I felt that was a little bit surprising, because ultimately when we do have incidents, the first thing we want to make sure is that the guy that we collide with or crash into is okay.

“But the good thing is that I was able to get out. It was a long walk back and we live to fight another day.”

Verstappen however defending his decision, adding he could see “Lewis was fine.”

“He was still trying to reverse when I was already out of the car, so when you’re not fine, you are not doing that,” he added.

Verstappen leads the way by five points over Hamilton heading to the Russian Grand Prix. 

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