Remoaner Adonis loses it with PM over Brexit claiming EU Movement is 'plain common sense'

A furious Lord Adonis struggled to contain his anger at the prime minister as he claimed Boris Johnson “flies in the face of reality” before suggesting “Brexit isn’t working” and demanded Britons take up closer ties with the bloc.

Raging on his Twitter feed, he slammed: “Boris Johnson, with his Labour jokes and false optimism may score against his political opponents…

“But he flies in the face of reality!

“The reality of closed petrol stations, empty supermarket shelves, and a growing national crisis!”

Lord Adonis went on to claim that Brexit is not working for Britain and according to him, the British people are “increasingly realising” that.

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Lord Adonis went on to call for Britons to join his “plain commons sense” European Movement which vies to push the UK into a closer relationship with the EU.

He said how his group will “get us back” in closer ties with European markets and institutions “on which our success depends”.

The Labour peer added how the group also aims to “just get our economy moving again”.

The enraged Remainer concluded: “So join our campaign today! Brexit isn’t working! 

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In turn this panic buying has also deepened the supply chain issues. 

While a gas supply shortage, an issue being felt internationally due to a surge in demand as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, has also plagued the UK with problems.

As a result, energy prices have soared amid a backdrop of rising food prices and collapsed supply chains linked to fuel, labour and energy shortages.

Further anger mounted on Boris Johnson on Sunday as it was revealed he had flown to Marbella immediately after his Conservative Party conference speech on Wednesday, a move former MP Anna Soubry branded as poor timing and not appropriate given the multiple crises unfolding in Britain.

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