Richard Madeley launches into blistering attack on BBC 'They get it really wrong'

Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley launched an attack on rival broadcasting service BBC over their new logo change announcement. After speaking to Holby City star Amanda Mealing about her return to the BBC, Richard begun pulling apart the logo change, exclaiming they had “got it really wrong”.

Speaking on her return to the BBC as a director, Richard said: “In terms of this new role, directing for the BBC, it’s a very exciting morning for the BBC.

“I don’t know if any of you saw earlier, the BBC have a new logo,” the old and new logo then appeared on screen.

“This is the old logo, and this is what you’re going back too this is the new logo, how about that, isn’t that something.

“We’re not making it up, we’re not pretending that is the new logo! It’s funny isn’t it, we love the BBC but my God when they get it wrong they get it really wrong.”

More to follow…

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