Richard Madeley skewers ex-Green Party leader as she says protests WORTH risking lives

With climate activists continuing to cause traffic disruptions following a week of M25 protests, Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid welcomed former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett onto the ITV show on Monday to discuss the impact these stunts were having on the public. Outlining the devastating consequences of the protests, Richard recalled a story he heard from an LBC caller in which their trip to the hospital was delayed by several hours because of the demonstrations, leading to paralysis for the caller in question’s mother. But as Natalie offered her sympathies for the caller, Richard snapped.

“They don’t want your sympathies,” a furious Richard blasted. “They want you to wake up!”

Richard continued to blast the activist for her defence of the protests before he raised another situation in which a young child heading to hospital for cancer treatment would find their journey delayed.

But when Natalie labelled Richard’s claims as “hypothetical”, the GMB host fired back once more: “It’s not hypothetical, it’s happening! 

“You call it hypothetical, that’s a disgrace,” he yelled.

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