Royal Family LIVE: Meghan fans celebrate exit as Harry spends second Thanksgiving in US

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who quit royal duties in March 2020, spent their second Thanksgiving in California yesterday. And fans of the couple took to social media to celebrate the pair moving to across the pond.

A Twitter user with the handle @ShakeLS commented: “Thankful for Harry having a family of his own, Embracing his mother’s legacy, and living in a country that loves him.”

Another user, @sannetje_26, wrote: “So happy for them they got out and are doing well.”

A third fan, @sussexsquadpod1, tweeted: “Amen we are thankful she is back in the USA with her husband and kids!”

Another with the handle @Thierry_Kame posted: “A very happy #Thanksgiving to Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan, King Archie, Princess Lili-Diana, and our mother Doria.”

A fifth fan, @SussexPrincess, said: “Thinking about how this is Prince Harry’s second thanksgiving at home in California, Archie’s second and Lili’s first.”

One more, @ArchewellBaby, added: “Happy Thanksgiving to Meghan who can enjoy the day surrounded by people who love her, Harry and Archie for their second Thanksgiving in the new home and our little princess Lili celebrating her first Thanksgiving almost 6 months old.”


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