Royal Family LIVE: Queen 'looking forward' to hosting royal Christmas despite heartbreak

Prince William and Kate Middleton could welcome Princess Eugenie or Princess Beatrice as their neighbour in Kensington Palace, Marlene Koenig, a royal historian, told

Marlene Koenig, a royal historian and expert, suggested that either Princess Beatrice or Eugenie could be lined up as Apartment 1’s newest tenants.

Talking about the various royal residences and homes that Royal Family members own, and the difficulties around who might inhabit them in the future, she told last month: “Princess Anne’s home is her own and it will go to her kids, it’s not a royal home.

“There’s an area next to it that Mark Phillips helped buy before the divorce, and that’s where Zara and Peter live and have their homes — it’s all going to be theirs at some point.

“But other homes and royal residences, right now, it’s more about maintaining what they have.

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